Heart Coherence.

… We are multidimensional infinite consciousness incarnate in a physical body for a period of intense experience on the road of evolution … we don’t ‘die’ because we cannot die. Energy is consciousness and energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed into another expression of itself. When you realise that you are not your physical body, but the infinite, eternal consciousness giving life to that body, your vision of yourself and your potential is expanded beyond measure.

David Icke, Infinite Love is the Only Truth (via real-hiphophead)

The best way of removing negativity is to laugh and be joyous.

— David Icke (via observando)

Another way to say this, which may make more sense to the Western mind, is that we in the West are not trained in how to deal or even taught to acknowledge the existence of psychic phenomena, the spiritual world. In fact, psychic abilities are denigrated. When energies from the spiritual world emerge in a Western psyche, that individual is completely unequipped to integrate them or even recognize what is happening.


"The essence of capitalism is to turn nature into commodities and commodities into capital. The live green earth is transformed into dead gold bricks, with luxury items for the few and toxic slag heaps for the many. The glittering mansion overlooks a vast sprawl of shanty towns, wherein a desperate, demoralized humanity is kept in line with drugs, television, and armed force.”   - Michael Parenti, Against Empire



every medicine on the market is like

pros: you’ll stop coughing

cons: you might die

my favorite side effect warning is for antidepressants

pros: you won’t want to kill yourself

cons: you might want to kill yourself


Phi - The Golden Ratio presents itself everywhere in life, from basic geometry & crystal formations, to plants, planetary ratios and galactic formations. It is the most efficient ratio under near-perfect systems.
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Happy first day of summer! 

Definitely one of the coolest gifs I’ve seen in a while